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When the funeral is over, you will find we have only just begun to care.

Linda Findlay

Linda fulfills the role of aftercare program provider for Mourning Discoveries Grief Support Programs and our Funeral Home.  Aftercare is an important part of every funeral. We here at Lehman & Reen Funeral Home feel that the special care that we provide to you during the funeral process should not cease once the funeral is over. Everyone experiences death in a very personal and private way. We are here to help you through that process with our continued care, understanding and personal experience.  Linda is available to provide you with on going support as a caring continuation of service to the families that we serve.  Linda can be reached by calling toll free at: 1-800-589-3742.  All calls are strictly confidential.  For your after hour needs, an urgent paging and call back service is available.  Making this service available to you and your family is just one small way we hope to provide comfort and hope during the months ahead.

Our commitment to care continues after the funeral.  Linda has been working with grieving families since 1991.  She is on hand to support you during this difficult time-Sometimes it helps just to talk to someone; sometimes it helps just to know they are there.  No charge is made for these services; they are an extension of our care and commitment to the families that we serve.

We provide families with follow up services that help them continue on with their grief journey. This includes follow up visits, phone calls, helpful publications, support group information, and continued support.

You will receive this unique series of books which consists of four 24 page booklets designed to be received during the first year of grief. These books gently address issues that are commonly experienced during the 3rd week, 3rd month, 6th month and 11th month following a death. People who receive them tell us that each book spoke directly to their needs at the time as they walked their grief journey.